Q: When did you first create your web page for Michael Ian Black?
A: At the end of August of this year, after the premiere of I Love the ’70s. I watched that show and I was completely into it. I went on the Internet and tried to join a fan club but there were none. And there is no main web page for him, so I started one myself.

Q: How did you learn to make a web site?
A: My friend is kind of a nerd and he made me learn all of this HTML.

Q: How long did it take you to put up the site?
A: The first time it took about a week to get the links and everything. Now I update it every day.

Q: How do you get information for the site?
A: I do a Google search and whatever is informative I add to the site. I just became obsessed with I Love the ’70s, and I joined a fan club for one of the other guys from the show too.

Q: Which one?
A: Mo Rocca.

Q: How do you get people to join the club?
A: I just post stuff everywhere. On VH-1 I posted stuff. I told people on Mo Rocca to post more stuff.

Q: And what do you get when you join the club?
A: I send an update every day. If I find a new thing I put it up there. Like recently I found a whole bunch of pictures. Then I send email to tell people what’s new.

Q: How many people are part of the fan club?
A: Fifteen about. A few people just signed up in the past few weeks.

Q: Are you discouraged that the numbers are low?
A: I’m keeping a positive attitude.

Q: Have you ever met Michael Ian Black?
A: No.

Q: What would you say to Michael Ian Black if you met him?
A: I would probably faint first! Then after they revive me, I would tell him I like his sense of humor — it’s so unusual and witty.

Q: And do you think he’s cute too?
A: Oh yes!

Q: Does it upset you that he has a wife and child?
A: I’m accepting it because the other guys from I Love the ‘70s don’t.

Q: What do you think Michael Ian Black would say if he saw your web site?
A: I think that he would be pretty happy with it. I would be happy if I had a fan club!

Q: Do your friends and family know about all this?
A: My friends do because I talk about it every day. My parents know about it too, but they don’t like it because they don’t like when I obsess over someone.

Q: Have you obsessed over other people?
A: Yes.

Q: Have you obsessed over other people?
A: Yes.

Q: Who?
A: Kenny Chesney — he’s a country singer. I had a whole wall covered with pictures of him.

Q: How old are you?
A: 14.

Q: What grade?
A: 9th.

Q: Do any of your friends like Michael Ian Black as much as you do?
A: My best friend does. She wants to join. She’s the only one who knows who he is. And some other guy in my class knows who he is. Some guys know a little bit about who he is because of Ed.

Q: Have you watched Ed for the past few years?
A: I just started watching it this season because I saw that he was on it.

Q: Are there other guys that you’ve gotten into pretty quickly?
A: Kind of Mo Rocca and Hal Sparks. I usually get into a person really fast.

Q: Does it fade just as quickly as it starts?
A: It may fade a little bit, but not too much. I may add some people, and drop other ones.

Q: It doesn’t seem like there are too many pictures of Michael Ian Black on the Internet.
A: I know, there aren’t a lot of pictures. I’d like to get to meet him so I can get some.