Dear People Who, When I Tell Them I Am an American Sign Language Interpreter, Tell Me How Difficult They Imagine Braille Is to Learn/Read Books With,

Every ASL interpreter has had this experience. Multiple, multiple times. It makes no sense. There are so many of you.

I don’t know what it is that makes you respond to something about Deaf people with something about blind people. Yes, there are people who are deaf and blind, but I know this is not why you say this. I know this isn’t the reason because, when I mention deaf-blind individuals, you’re little Cheerio-mouth-of-amazement becomes a gaping hole that jaws out, “Deaf AND blind?! How do you communicate with them?” and, in that moment, I am walking on water to you.


I hope to run into you again. On your way to the dentist. You will tell me you are about to get your teeth cleaned, and I will respond by saying, “I’ve always imagined colon hydrotherapy would be really hard. Tell me, how do you hold that water in your ass for so long?”

Kaden Mack