Hey, I know we haven’t talked in a while but I just wanted to let you know that I upgraded to a Vimeo Plus account. It costs $59.95 a year, which might sound expensive, but after doing some research I decided that it’s a good investment. You’re probably wondering why I would spend money on something I can already do for free but trust me; this is going to be a big step in my filmmaking career.

The thing that’s so great about having a Vimeo Plus account is that you can upload as many high-definition videos as you want a week, provided that you stay under the five-gigabyte limit. I think I’ll be alright considering I’ve only uploaded two videos since I created my account four years ago, but all of that is about to change now that I can create visionary videos for my audience without them having to deal with distracting banner ads. Even though my most popular video has only 42 views it’s mostly because I wasn’t able to embed videos in HD. Now that my precisely edited motion pictures can be viewed in 1080p at all times my fans will no longer miss out on my visually striking directorial style that has been described by my mother as “interesting” and my father has called “you should film weddings, I’m pretty sure people will you pay you money to do that” because of poor image quality.

Without the hindrance of storage space limits I will finally have the freedom to create videos that will cause my viewers to both lose and find themselves in my work simultaneously. I think my biggest problem before I upgraded was that I had so many great ideas written in my Moleskin notebook but deep down I knew that with a basic Vimeo account I would only be able to upload 500 megabytes a week, which is significantly more than my two total uploads combined. Did you know that Picasso, Hemingway, and Chatwin all used Moleskins when they worked? By purchasing a Vimeo Plus account and staying true to my artistic roots, there’s nothing that can stop me!

Even though I have all the tools at my disposal to take my career to the next level, I’m concerned that my Vimeo Plus account is setting myself up to be too successful too quickly. With priority uploading I know that I can post my videos for all the world to see whenever I choose, but I worry that this newfound freedom will cause me to lose touch with the struggling artist I once was. I still haven’t written any scripts or even a single outline, but I can already foresee a constant internal battle to stay grounded when I am reading over the advanced statistics for my videos that aren’t available without a Vimeo Plus account, which can also be purchased at a monthly rate of $9.95. I considered trying this initially to ensure that I wasn’t wasting my money, but the annual price is 50% off the monthly price. It was just too good of a deal to pass up!

Now that I have a Vimeo Plus account it’s only a matter of time until my IMDb page is overflowing with credits. Oh, I forgot to mention, I also purchased an IMDbPro account for $124.95 per year so I can post up to five of my personal demo reels in stunning high definition. Even though I haven’t shot any footage yet with my recently purchased state of the art $25,000 Red One camera, I’m sure that my reel will blow the industry away once I figure out how to white balance. Renting the camera after I actually come up with an idea for a video might initially appear to make more sense, but I decided that I want to be able to film at my own convenience, and you can’t put a price tag on that!

This is an exciting time in my career, and the fact that you’ve shown so much support really means a lot to me. When you read my unfinished logline and told me that “I don’t really know a lot about these things, it sounds good I guess,” it gave me the confidence to go forward and purchase the newest version of Final Cut Studio so I can have complete creative control and begin my ascent to auteur status. Criterion Collection, here I come!

I have to get back to my 27-inch iMac because my Final Draft 8 icon keeps bouncing in the dock and asking me if I want to turn on auto-saving for my blank screenplay in which the only thing I’ve written is my contact information on the title page, but I know you must be excited to hear about my upgrade to a Vimeo Plus account. I’ll be sure to keep you updated before I get too famous, but even if I forget about you please know that I appreciate all of your support.

P.S. Do you have any Spotify invites left? I’ve looked into it and the premium version seems like it’s totally worth it.