429 7th Ave., Brooklyn
Sold, 8/22 – 8/26

Yellow handled music box insert, melody of “For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow”, $4.82
Large tee-shirt emblazoned “Trust everyone.”, $16.00
Timothy McSweeney’s Trying, Trying, Trying, Trying, Trying, $22.00
Jar of inertia, $5.00
Page 209 from Robert Henrickson’s Meat, Poultry and Seafood Technology, $1.87
Amy Fusselman’s The Pharmacist’s Mate, $16.00
Dental rercord card, $0.15
Medium tee-shirt emblazoned “I like it here.”, $16.00
Ohaus 500g weight, $11.72
Page 33 from Rugene Dernay’s Longitudes and Latitudes Throughout the World (except in the United States), $2.54
Timothy McSweeney’s Very Intense Heated Passionate Battle/Embrace With They Might Be Giants, $25.00
Full set of Might Magazine (sets are missing 4,5,6 & 16), two, $400.00 to the Fresh Air Fund
David Byrne’s Los Nuevos Pecados, $15.00
Medium tee-shirt emblazoned “Ask about our ‘small rubber cubes.’”, $16.00
McSweeney’s Books Sampler #1, $8.00
American Tugboat Review 2001, $5.99
Sullivan’s Reptile Tanning Oil, $2.50
Skin Staple Remover with Gauze Pad, $2.95
Large tee-shirt emblazoned “WHOOP WHOOP whoop WHOOP WHOOP”, $16.00
Dinosaur, $1.00
Page 111 from Konrad Knopp’s Elements of the Theory of Functions, $6.36