September 12, 2000

Professor Nichols:

The following are minor errors that I ask you to keep in mind as you read my paper of September 11, 2000.

— The title of the paper, “Aztec Systems,” is actually meant to read “Implications of Loin-Cloth Breakage for the Aztec Military Complex.”

— The paper, “Aztec Systems,” is best viewed in the “Georgia” font. The printing in “Times New Roman” was beyond my control and should be disregarded.

— The “[sic]” following the word “efflorescence” in the quote at the top of page five should be removed. That is actually the correct spelling.

— All citations of “Fraud, 1907,” should be changed to read “Freud, 1903.”

— The section titled “Elizabeth Boone: Fink!” beginning on page 11 should be struck entirely. You will not mention it from this date forward.

— Pages 14 through 22, containing only the letter “e,” should be omitted, save for one instance of the letter “e” necessary to complete the last word on page 13, “cabbage.”

— The final section, headed “Conclusions,” should be attributed entirely to Berdan, 1975. It is, in fact, a direct quote.

— Citations numbers 1 through 4 and 7 through 30 should be removed from the “Works Cited” section, leaving only Berdan and Fraud.

— While the eight blank pages included in the paper are for your own thoughts and comments, I intend for them to count towards the thirty-page requirement.

Thank you for marking these changes on your copy of my paper. Have a pleasant Rosh Hashanah weekend.