“Don’t lose your place in this world – or at least not in your favorite book.”
— Shakespeare’s mother.

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In these uncertain times, we all need a sense of self-empowerment. More control over our lives as well as our future. We normally recommend that finding your sense of humor will give you that strength. That’s why we felt the calling by a power-higher-than-ourselves to write the humor bible, Comedy By The Numbers© published by McSweeney’s. (That is NOT a #34-Druggie Humor reference, we mean it!).

However, for you, our new friend — and someone who is already prone to reading this far — we recognize that whatever path the world may be on right now, there is an even greater truism to address in the universe:

Most books are really hard to finish in a single reading.

With that age-old axiom in mind, we’re proud to bring you this opportunity to take the placeholders that are traditionally used between your book reading experiences and make them humorous, informative, helpful, and yes, we’ll say it: inspirational.

Thus, boldly, we present the first annual COMEDY BY THE NUMBERS© Bookmark Collection© for your use at bedtime, or in the bathroom, or on your sun porch, or wherever else you start reading a book and then need to take a break to do something else but want to remember where you left off.

To say these witty CBTN© bookmarks will change your life is perhaps too much of a guarantee. Or is it? Download them, use them, and then write us a note letting us know how much we’ve changed your life. We do care.

You’re Welcome!

— Prof. Eric Von Hoffman & Dr. Gary Rudoren
Authors of McSweeney’s’ COMEDY BY THE NUMBERS©