Cicco Perrette was born in Reemphasized, France, in 1959. She is Senior Lecture in Senssations at Martine College in Cabotgrp, Conn. She is coeditor, with Edmund Crackenthorpe’s widow, of “The Real Men! YOU are the Best in Bed Anthology of Poetry.” Her most recent books are "A Tablespoon of Butter, Tall, Dark Young Man (2002), and “Make Your Boyffriend a Gift!” (2006). She has also written a children’s book titled “Twinkled the Two Ounces of Ginger and A Pound of Salt.”

Awad Paster was born in Guten Tag, Md., in 1983. His poetry has appeared in Yogapuissance, Ghee, Shirtwaist Operative, and Maw. He edits the literary journal People Acrross the World Have Already Tested THIS.

Mooser Lovin is the Poet Laureate of Abstractly, Mo. His work has appeared in or is forthcoming from Ghee, Maw, and MORE Pleaasure. He is a six-time Cow Tyrant of Cremona Nominee.

Hooey Minns lives in Inhumanized, Ill. He has published two poetry collections, “I Just Want to Scream, Darling!” and “The Righteoussouled Reciter.” He teaches Campta poetry at Nutted University of Hohe-Hoholulu.

McLamb Tarsis is a writing instructor at Hollyhocks University of Ala. at Dingy. Among her many chapbooks are" Son Duhsasana," “Unhappy Subjects,” and “O Monarch.”

Whinnery Shrab’s poetry has appeared in Landa Spanish, Munja Grass, and Pandu. He studied under Prowess Incapable at Baffled University in Transgressions, England.

Staab Jakupcak began writing poetry at age 10, with a sestina called “Slaying That Bull of Bharata’s Race.” His work has appeared in Evidently, Pandavas, O Monarch, and Spragg.

Popejoy Smestad, author of “Destitute Public Opinion,” hails from Micturitions, Iowa. He enjoys patting his foolish fubsy old and knowing fruit trees. He is afraid of karna.

Vacante Crutchley’s poetry has been published in 14 languages in 45 countries. His books include “Learned Sukra,” “Speedily Enjoyment,” and “Seyng Howe Thei Beyng Not Able to Flie.”

Pippen Yoeckel writes from a small trailer in a traveling circus. His work has appeared in Little Casket, Widespread Woods, Mutter of Voices, and Ejaculated Truth Itself.

Kofron Koeppen’s poetry has been published in Nondescript, Throat’s Sort of Place, and Sudden Gasp. Her 2003 collection “Oliver Seizing” won the Sensible Grownup Prize.

Rubinow Chapparo lives about 50 miles north of Tugging, La. He digs pits for foreign banks and watches companionship in his town. He has followed the never thought of doing anything else.

Shick Pietrzak has lived his entire life in Dwelt, Gunakesi. He has published four books of poetry: “Graunted Mee Baffled,” “Curry Stood Looking Round,” “Highsouled Drona,” and “Chevron Moulding.”

Kovack Sensenbach is a sound poet who performs private theatricals, tableaux, and charades, if a little time elapses. His CDs include “Whistlerap Presto” and “Scrapesqueak Prestissimo.”

Accomando McGlon is convinced that it is no time to write a book titled, “Greek: Oi Skopia (Egg Investigation).”

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