You were right to leave your job entering data for that literacy nonprofit so you could “actually write” and “make a living wage.” Yet it’s hard to remember what compelled you to quit now that you’ve been promoting windshield wipers and sugared cereal for eleven years. But take heart: your job does use the power of language to leave a lasting, positive impact on the world, just like you dreamed of when you were an English major at the overpriced liberal arts college you’re still paying for thirteen years later.

Think back to just last week. Remember the pay-per-click ad copy you wrote for industrial conveyor belts? There are chicken nuggets on every tray in middle school cafeterias across the nation thanks to those industrial belts. Yr. Job Feeds Children. Results Will Shock U. Don’t you see?

So maybe you’re 37 and still dream of traveling the world and writing a book about an inexpensive irrigation tool that helps impoverished agricultural communities lift its people out of generations of poverty. Perhaps you’re tired of the Facebook posts from friends promoting their work on curing cancer or saving polar bears or inventing micro-lending. You could do those things too—or something equal to it. Copywriters Without Borders is searching just for someone with your mix of skills.

Can you promote almost anything in 140 characters or less? Can you get a 200% higher click-through rate on your targeted Facebook ad, helping that many more unemployed adults go back to technical school and move out of their childhood bedrooms? Can you customize a blog post for three unique fast-food consumer personas, maximizing breakfast-taquito revenue?

Copywriters Without Borders needs someone who doesn’t just write copy, but who can masterfully write a retargeting ad for a smoked-glass pendant lamp so that every Pinterest-loving blogger sees it in their Facebook news feed with such unrelenting frequency that they buy it, then blog about how easy it was to install. You just made DIY kitchen remodels all over the United States that much easier, and this kind of creative ingenuity is what we need to solve copywriting crises in communities ravaged by natural disasters worldwide.

One of our top Copywriters Without Borders volunteers in Haiti recently wrote mobile friendly ad copy that boosted cable television subscriptions by 3%. Copywriter, this cable company was on the brink after it lost nearly all of its subscribers following the earthquake in 2010. Just think: that could be you.

I know you fantasize about your husband getting a promotion big enough to pay your children’s $24,000 daycare tuition, enabling you to quit your job and pen the next Oprah’s Book Club selection. Put those dreams on the back burner, copywriter. Set down your fourth glass of wine and believe your husband when he says that your career didn’t somehow get horribly derailed. You weren’t “some naïve moron” to have expected to have found some form of tolerable, gainful employment by your 20th college reunion. The career you’ve chosen—or has it chosen you?—has the potential to be just as fulfilling for you as it is for people who actually have a skill AND the desire to help others.

Apply for Copywriters Without Borders. The Wrld Needs U.