Naughty Schoolgirl and Teacher who is frustrated because of the budget cuts and the increasing pressure to teach toward standardized tests.

Strict Babysitter and Misbehaving Child who is acting out because he is being used as a pawn of manipulation for his emotionally dysfunctional and divorced parents.

Bored Housewife and Meter Reader who is in danger of losing his job because of the collapse of the economy and his corrupt worker’s union will likely let his benefits lapse.

Wealthy Homeowner and Naughty French Maid who is eager to comply with all requests because she is living in fear that she and her family could be deported at any time.

Naughty Prostitute and Police Officer who is annoyed at all the paperwork he has to do for this arrest especially since his shift is almost over and he’s already worked a sixty-hour workweek.

Naughty Secretary and Powerful CEO who is questioning his life choices and his participation in socioeconomic oppression after walking past the Occupy Wall Street camps evey morning as he comes into work.

Big Time Film Director and Innocent Ingenue who is trying to be cast in his movie because if this is not her big break then her parents will stop paying her rent in her studio apartment in Burbank and demand that she move back home with them in Ohio and get a job at Burger King to help pay the rent.

Bored Man and Bored Woman trying to add some spice to their sex life.