Username: EPG Mr. Justin MD
Site: Yahoo! Answers
Gender: Male
Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Age: 18 at first comment, 21 now
Favorite Disney movies: The Aristocats, Fox and the Hound, The Rescuers, The Rescuers Down Under

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Sample questions he has posted to all Yahoo! Answers Users, In Chronological Order:

“How Do You Get On A Jet Ski?”

“How Old Can Horses get Before They Die Any Kind Of Horse?

“Can Cats and Dogs Get Headaches? It May Be A Random Question But Is It Possible That Cats And Dogs Get Headaches?”

“Asking For A date? There Is This Girl That I’ve Known For A Long Time Since 1st Grade To Be Specific Anyway I Want To Ask Her If She Wants To Go Out Sometime But I Dont Know What To Say”

“Do You Have To Pay Taxes In The State Of Florida? I Don’t Think You Have To Cause Of Tourists And Toll Roads But I Wanted To Make Sure”

“Im Going To A Movie With My Girlfriend This Is Our First Date And I Was Wondering When Is the Best Time To Put Your Arm Around Her Or Hold Her Hand While Watching The Movie?”

“I Hope This Is Not An Offensive Question I Was Just Wondering I Heard This On TV/How Much Is 20 Keys Of Cocaine/I Was Just Curious”

“Can Straight Guys Get Their Nails Done? Cause Im Straight And I Was Thinking Of Having My Girlfriend Do It But Im Not Really Sure. If I Get My Nails Done Will That Make Me Bisexual Or Gay?”

“I Should Know This But… How Can I Make My 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse’s Engine Louder?”

“Ok Whenever I Have My Girlfriend Over My Mom Always Says “Keep Your Door Open” She Says She Trusts Me Well If She Trusted Me She Would Let Me Close My Door And I Told Almost A Thousand Times I’m Not Going To Get Her Pregnant Me And My Girlfriend Even Said We Were Going To Wait A While And I’m Almost 19/What Should I Do?"

“Is Storm Chasing A Job Or Is It Just A Hobby?”

“Hi Im Going To Worlds Of Fun With My Girlfriend In A Month And She Really Wants Me To Go On The Rollercoasters With Her And I Get Really Dizzy At Heights Is There A Way I Can Get Over That?”

“Hi My Girlfriend Is Coming Over Tommorow And Sure Enough We’re Going To Be Making Out Does anyone Know Of Any Good Songs To Listen To?”

“If I Had Just A Regular Size Bottle Of Smirnoff Vodka What Would Happen If I Drank The Whole Thing? I’m A Guy About 260 Pounds And Next Year Will Be My First Time Drinking So I Need A Heads Up On Alcohol?”

“What kind of classes can i take for X-Ray technician cause i looked it up and i cant find anything under X-Ray tech is there another name for it?”

“I just got a light hardwood floor for my living room and i want to get a rug. What would look better? A large gold floral rug or a large black pattern rug?”

“Does drinking flavored tea help ease stomach pains? cause I’ve had this stomach ache all day and its driving me crazy”

“Okay i been trying to find this out for hours now but just cant find the answer. Who in Wild Hogs is Dana? She is played by Margaret Travolta which is also John Travolta’s sister. Just real answers please”

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Sample answers:

Answer to “[My dog] does good most of the time, but he tends to bark at people on bikes and motorcycles. He’ll also sometimes just bark at everything. Any suggestions?”
“If He Is Barking At Bikes Then He Was Probably Hurt By A Bike Or Hes Just Never Seen One Before”

Answer to “How do you hide the smell of smoke on your clothes/hair?”
“What I Would Do Is Get Some High Endurance Or Some Kind Of Body Spray And Spray That On Before You Get Home”

Answer to “My dog stays still and keeps shaking…He still eats though and goes outside to use the bathroom. Could the tale have something to do with it if it accidently got cut while cutting his hair.”
“I Think That He Is Having A Seizure You Should Take Him to The Vet Right Away”

Answer to “Can i have and example of a palindrome sentence?”
“A Palindrome Is Anything That Can Be Spelled Backwards (Example) Nebraska-Aksarben”

Answer to "What was the craziest thing you did in high school?
“Nothing Much But When I Was In My Senior Year We Threw Balloons Filled With Piss At The Freshmen It Was So Funny”

Answer to “is lime wire illegal?”
“Limewire is not illegal. From the way i see it Limewire is a free source to download music you can download the music you just cant sell it again and say its yours. like if your just putting music on your Ipod then that’s okay”

Source cited:
I use Limewire

Answer to “I have never had a girlfriend in all my life I am 17 what should I do because I don’t know and I’m very lonlely…fyi I’m From NJ”
“Start A Conversation With a Girl that you Really Like Then After You Two Are Done Talking If She Really Likes You She’ll Give You Her Number Or You Can Give Her Your Number. Good Luck Man.”

Answer to “Soda drinkers only: what’s your favorite soda?”
“Anything Pepsi I Also Love Mountain Dew Code Red”

Source cited:
I Drink It All The Time