RECE DAVIS: Welcome back to Spirit Week! What a night for this young man out of the Midwest. Hubert, your thoughts on his offensive game plan?

HUBERT DAVIS: Well, I thought the inside-out approach worked well. Patience isn’t his best virtue, but he relaxed down the stretch and worked the clock like a champion. He had crisp passes, and his soft hands worked the ball around well. He did get into trouble during the later stages when he wasn’t communicating enough, but he managed to stave off the rust and put in a real solid effort against a sizeable opponent.

DIGGER PHELPS: What I really like about this kid is his tenacious attack on the offensive end. It reminds me of my time at Notre Dame—always upset-minded! He really hits the hole like a man on a mission. I haven’t been really impressed with his recent performances. He’s struggled offensively, and has been shut out from scoring altogether several times in the past couple of months. He finally seems to be off the schneid with this latest conquest, although his opponent wasn’t of the quality we like to see this close to March. However, she was big, and guarded the lane like a pack of wild dogs!

JAY BILAS: Dede Preno is a crafty veteran not gifted with great length or tremendous size down low. At times, he becomes frustrated, and his quickness can become a real liability. He has been reckless in the past and it has gotten him into lots of trouble. However, it’s his effort that really captivates. He penetrates well, and if he can stay consistent with the upbeat tempo, I believe he’ll have a successful March.