“[Nancy] Drew is not going forward at CBS but is being shopped to other outlets by CBS TV Studios. I hear the pilot tested well but skewed too female for CBS’ schedule.” — Deadline

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Breaking Bad

No women will relate to a show that’s all about men having drug-fueled adventures. Idea: reframe this so the main character is Skyler’s sister, who steals spoons. Skyler herself could be a drug dealer (secondary character). Everyone wonders why she does not spend more time with her son, but she is “trying to have it all.” Walt remains a chemistry teacher who is grouchy.


Men aren’t funny (it’s not a personal opinion, there are studies), and there’s no one on this show I want to have sex with.

Mad Men

Nobody wants to hear a bunch of men talk to each other about how they were babies once. These men don’t seem like they have much to be “mad” about, and they’re clearly too emotional for these high powered jobs. Scrap all of them and reframe it so it is a show about Peggy and Joan running an advertising agency while being best friends. Keep Jon Hamm as a potential love interest. Possible Title: Perfectly Well Adjusted Women.

The Big Bang Theory

Women are 48% more likely than men to have completed graduate school. Will anyone believe that “men” are “smart?” This feels like wish fulfillment to me. Make this show about three female scientists who live in an apartment that is 78% of the size of the current set.

True Detective

At one point a character asks if it’s possible to love two women. The other character responds, “I don’t think men can love.” Typical men. Always jabbering about their feelings. What about if this show featured two women who caught criminals? Just a suggestion. When a man comes in to say things like “Can you prove you exist in this room” they all laugh and then tell him to let them get back to their jobs. They catch the Yellow King in the second episode and the rest of the show is about how they achieve a work-life balance.


Who even are these guys? Are their names numbers? Very weak, repetitive plot. Consider reframing to be about a group of women who bake cakes. One of the cakes can be shaped like a diamond (it’s a square cake turned to the side.)


This is clearly just a rip-off of Sex and the City. Make all of these characters Miranda’s sons, who we never see, because she is busy being a lawyer.