“Medicare should cover the full spectrum of contraceptive options,” she said hysterically.

“You’ll overturn Roe v. Wade over my dead body,” she said ruthlessly.

“My female relatives no longer feel safe in ride-sharing services,” she said exuberantly.

“I’m sure it’s not that bad,” he responded upliftingly.

“The world would be so different if Hillary had won Florida,” she recounted.

“I’m deleting my dating profiles because I only meet guys who don’t reciprocate oral,” she said, unhinged.

“I know it’s not as bad as the pay gap, but the orgasm gap is pretty awful too,” she said morosely.

“Please respect my gender identity,” they said frankly.

“If Kellyanne thinks she’s a feminist icon, she should be checked for criminal delusions,” she contested.

“Democrats need to be prepared to support whoever wins the party nomination,” she said, winningly.

“I bet I can tell you at least one way our society discriminates against women,” she wagered.

“I have photographic evidence of his sexual harassment,” she snapped.

“What’s the name of that representative from New York?” she asked occasionally.

“Seriously, I don’t remember,” she continued courteously.

“I need to stop supporting a political party that opposes effective gender equality,” she decided.

“Impeach the motherfucker,” she trumpeted.