I leave work; ‘tis dark.
Just like it was this morning
When I got to work.

Do all those farmers
Really need that extra hour?
I’d like it back now.

When you say to me,
“Yay! An extra hour of sleep!”
I want to punch you.

- - -


“Fall back, Spring ahead”
Is a cute way of saying:
“Autumn is the worst.”

Those UVA lamps:
Are they really expensive?
‘Cause I wish I were dead.

When you don’t leave home
For 48 straight hours,
Pants are a moot point.

- - -


Four thirty P.M.
The sun has set in the sky.
Fuck this shit—wine time.

I can’t stop crying.
Why can I not stop crying?
I must stop crying.

The sun fades away.
I turn on all the house lights.
Nope. It’s not helping.