“Please support this blog, I’m living off instant noodles in my car.”

“The inspirational post about travel did not mention that there would be so many men who think I’m a prostitute.”

“I want to go back home but my mother will say that it’s typical of me to quit everything I’ve ever done, so I’m stuck on this godforsaken trip.”

“I quit my job because I wasn’t being challenged so I decided to just not have a job instead of finding a career I am challenged by.”

“Despite the nice layout of this blog page, I haven’t showered in two weeks.”

“I caught the travel bug but I also got malaria.”

“I didn’t understand that selling all of my stuff to live minimally would mean I would essentially be homeless.”

“I was pretty sure that all of my problems were from my job but it turns out all of my problems are from my mother’s criticism so they’ve just followed me around the world.”

“I was an American White girl in college who studied abroad in a trendy European country and I really thought this trip was going to be like that. Unfortunately, it’s involved a lot less drinking and lot more terrifying hostel encounters.”

“That highly filtered Instagram of the meal is the only thing I’ve eaten in two days.”

“Somedays I don’t do anything but sit in the hostel and watch Pretty Little Liars.”

“I’m probably going to ask to sleep on your couch.”

“I’m going to regret the WANDERLUST tattoo I got.”

“I thought I was going to get famous from this blog but in actuality I’ve spent over $10,000 and the only person that reads this are people directly related to me or friends from my old job.”

“I have no idea what I’m going to do after this. Probably move back in with Mom.”