We gatta make ours bigger—it’s jist gatta be bigger. If we’re ganna get dis ding off de ground, we gatta beedebest.

Yeah, I say go wit de tubes, go with de tube design dere, where use push de building up in dese heavy iron tubes like dat, a section atta time—I like dat.

So as yah get taller, de tubes push up closer to de middle, and from dere dey go higher—OK, so push ‘em up, jist push, jist push like dat, make ’em go up—yeah, like dat, push ’em up, go on, youse gat it, youse gat it, keep goin’, let’s see youse go up a liddle higher—yeah, dis is it, dis is it, dat right dere, dis is it! Waugh-ow!

OK, now push, dat last one dere, is dat it? I mean we’re up dere, we’re really up dere, but can’t we make dis ting go up aliddlemore? Jist put a mast, yeah, like a mast, as tin as a gangway, jist so’s to make it go up more, like a flagpole, an antenna, do dat, make it come with—yah know?

Push it out from da roof, put it in true da top, suhprize ‘em, dey won’t even know it’s comin’, oh dissel be great, jist push!

Oh look but der’s two a dem. I didden even tinkadat, but, yeah, look, yah gat two right next to each udda like dat, a pair—we don’ need tree, but a pair looks real nice, waugh-ow, a pair! Yeah, do dat, push ’em up at once, make dat pair a dem go up!

Jist push ‘em up, push ’em up, jist push ’em up—c’mon, c’mon, jist push ‘em up! Dat’s it, dat’s it, higher, we gat it!

We gat it, we gat it, dat’s it, we gat it—waaa-aaa-augh-ow!

Oh, waugh-ow. Dat’s really it, we gat it, oh look, we gat it—jist lookit dat, waugh-ow! Oh, waugh-ow! Lookit dat, dat’s it, dat’s right, dat’s what we’re here for, we did dis, we’re da best!

She-kaa-go’s gat it, She-kaa-go’s gat it—we did it, y’see we did, we did it, She-kaa-go, we’re da best!