“Kamala Harris was mocked by Republicans for opening a roundtable meeting on Tuesday afternoon with disability rights leaders by verbally announcing her pronoun, gender, and attire.” – The Independent

- - -

What the hell did I just watch? Kamala Harris used pronouns while introducing herself? What is this world coming to when a woman in a position of power uses her words to show basic consideration for other people? Truly, this country is doomed.

Anyone who uses pronouns is unfit for public office, because there are no pronouns in the Bible, except for all the pronouns that are literally in the Bible. Also, there are no pronouns in the Constitution, except for the many pronouns that are very obviously in the Constitution. I should probably look stuff up before tweeting them out in the throes of a culture war tantrum, but I’m just too angry at Kamala Harris, an emotional state that overcomes me about 157 times a day.

The world is laughing at us. Yes — this must be why they’re laughing, and not because we elected Trump, worship guns, and want to execute our infectious disease experts for treason. I’ve never met any foreigners myself, but I can only imagine that their reaction must be exactly the same as mine.

It’s impossible for me to believe that people in other countries — or anyone who isn’t me — might recognize that gender is a social construct, because I just purchased a onesie that says LADIES MAN for my friend’s baby boy. This was just after I ranted about liberal teachers who sexualize children by reading them story books where a kid has two moms.

And not only did Kamala use pronouns—she did something even crazier in that video, which made me want to impale myself with a Hobby Lobby yarn needle: she announced she was wearing a blue suit. WTF? Why are those words coming out of her mouth? Won’t anyone save us from this hellscape? Won’t anyone arrest this woman for being a clear and present danger to our Christian nation? Won’t anyone consider, even for one moment, how including a clothing description in your opening remarks might be a nice thing to do for visually impaired people? Not me, that’s for sure.

In fact, Kamala Harris delivered these remarks at a roundtable with disability activists, a context about which I am wholly ignorant—a clause you can pretty much insert anywhere I express my outraged opinion.

Adding visual descriptions is something the disability community has been advocating for years, but I can’t dwell on that now because hating Kamala Harris is pretty much my full-time job. I can’t be expected to think about accessibility when our republic is about to implode thanks to polite and accommodating people who take a few seconds out of their day to consider the comfort and needs of others.

I don’t understand gender inclusion, visual descriptions, and common decency, and when I don’t understand something, it must mean the world is ending. Oh well, I’ve been waiting on the apocalypse anyway, and God will surely judge us harshly for something so grave as trying to be considerate of other people. Good-bye, evil pronouns. I shall say farewell to thou cleaving on to this pronoun-less Bible, written in the original holy language of American English.