1. Bigfoot has a reputation for being set in his ways, resistant to change, and even terrifying when challenged, but the initial capital “B” is not entirely closed at the meeting-point of the two loops. This openness, which can be found in the signatures of other prominent leaders (Ronald Reagan, for example), carries the implication of an open mind. Bigfoot’s case is additionally strengthened by the undotted “i,” which indicates a high level of intellectual curiosity.

2. The “g” and “f” are joined, which indicates a high capacity for developing lasting friendships. In addition, the “F” is represented as a majuscule, emphasizing the fact of Bigfoot’s feet.

3. The conjoined form of the first and second "o"s bears a strong resemblance to spectacles, indicating that Bigfoot is insecure about the common perception that he is bestial and unintelligent (He need not be; see note #1).

4. It is said that a “t” with a high post-placed crossbar is associated with leadership, and a “t” with a low crossbar is associated with an inferiority complex. This may be (see note #3), but the highly specific construction of this “t,” with acute angles at lower left and upper right, and a stem that seems to be planted but bending upward as if toward the sun, suggests a spiritual ambition.