Together, we made it. It’s hard to imagine a more challenging set of circumstances than those we all faced this last year: the ongoing pandemic, ever-worsening global supply-chain chaos, and climate disasters among them. At McSweeney’s, we found solace and joy in the incredible writing we brought into this disorderly world and in the people—like you—who donated or subscribed or bought and read those books, making their existence possible.

There are just days to go in 2021. It’s not too late to show your appreciation for McSweeney’s before we close the books on this year and jump headlong into the beautiful and strange things that await in 2022. Jump in alongside us. Give today, and help us create innumerable opportunities for readers, writers, and artists in 2022.

Now more than ever, McSweeney’s needs your support. If our humor website provided you a much-needed respite this year, or if our books and magazines gave you a moment of surprise or reflection or even a bit of faith in the world around us, I hope you’ll consider making a contribution to support our work.

There are two very important ways you can join us:

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Happy new year!

Amanda Uhle
Publisher & Executive Director

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