July 22
Diana Ross Playground
(Central Park/Upper West Side)

Your child was a little younger than mine, but my daughter shared her toy stroller for the first time, and I think that might mean something significant. I don’t know, your guess is as good as mine. Do you want to get together and share thoughts? I know a bar that doesn’t make you feel bad about strollers.

August 21
Tony Dapolito Recreation Center
(West Village)

We shared a quiet laugh about how the swim instructor always started the class with a stern reminder about alcohol consumption at poolside parties, which seemed a little over the top for a 9 AM toddler swim class. I lost you after class in the locker room mayhem. Do you maybe wanna grab a drink?

September 5
Trader Joe’s Line
(Upper West Side)

I only remember that your child’s name is Champion. I said, “What a champion name!” and then you laughed. Then I said, “You’re already winning with that name!” And you laughed again. Then I said, “Better try out for the Olympics with that name!” And I thought I was pushing it, but then you laughed again. Maybe you were just being polite, but maybe you weren’t? I swear I’m funnier when I haven’t been up all night with a baby.

September 19
Book Culture
(Upper West Side)

We knew each other peripherally through Jenn (with the red hair) before we had kids and so running into you in the kids’ section of a bookstore was such a funny reminder of how time goes so fast and how little we knew each other before. I’d always really liked you, and now that we both have kids we have so much more in common. Diaper blowouts. Feeling like we are constantly breastfeeding. To sleep train or not to sleep train! Who else can we talk to about this insanity? Thank goodness we ran into each other! I am happier than I have been in a long time! Should I reach out to Jenn for your number or will you?

October 1
Children’s Museum of Manhattan
(Upper West Side)

We had such an exciting talk about toddler power dynamics, and you seemed like you really needed someone to talk to. I’m super supportive of dad’s who stay home with the kids. I wish I had given you my number and not gotten all weird and pretended my kid had a doctor’s appointment. Maybe you see this, and we start over? As friends with kids? I have a husband.

October 16
Saint Agnes Public Library
(Upper West Side)

We’ve exchanged names a handful of times and always laugh when we do it again. I haven’t seen you at storytime recently. Did you move? Did you find a better storytime? Did you go back to that job you hated? No judgment if you did — I wish I had a job I hated to go back to! Childcare is so expensive, you know, for us it just didn’t make sense. Maybe we could get together on the weekends?

November 15
Saint Agnes Public Library Story Time
(Upper West Side)

You noticed my child was bleeding while I talked about that fascinating article I’d read about the dangers of sleep training. I didn’t have a chance to say thank you before I started freaking out. Can I buy you a coffee sometime? Tea? Kombucha? Bone broth? You seemed to be the kind of mindfully aware person that would be into the restorative powers of bone broth.

January 9
We Call It Bear Park

You and I were the only ones crazy enough to take our children to the park the day it was like 10ºF outside. I don’t know what got you out of your house, but I was going batty listening to the Moana soundtrack for the 800th time and needed some fresh air however cold was. I must have looked a total mess. I totally understand why you didn’t talk to me and only smiled when I looked at you expectantly. I swear I wasn’t trying to lure your child over to play with my child when I pulled out our snacks. Am I being weird and reading into you picking up your child and moving to the other side of the playground? Am I taking it too personally? Am I as crazy as I feel?

January 16
Trader Joe’s Avocados
(Upper West Side)

You looked to be about my age, and your son was the same age as my daughter. We were both picking avocados and things got personal really quickly talking about wanting and trying for a 2nd baby. Did I share too much? I realize as I write this that you were asking about how my labor was and not how we conceived the first time. I swear I’m better at listening than I am at picking ripe avocados!

January 20
Trader Joe’s Line
(Upper West Side)

I asked you how you handle raising two kids, and you said something beautiful and succinct, “You just do it.” I asked how you dealt with the simultaneous feelings of panic and excitement for life with two kids, and then my child started hitting your child, and I started crying.

January 21
Trader Joe’s Aisle
(Upper West Side)

I introduced you to Trader Joe’s Bamba Peanut Snacks. You said you would be forever grateful. Please see this message. I need to talk to someone that isn’t a baby.