1. The psychologist who developed the theory of “fight or flight.”
A. James
B. Cannon
C. Seyle

2. Depression that develops gradually, not traceable to any single traumatic experience.
A. endogenous depression
B. catatonia
C. generalized anxiety disorder

3. The source of most human action is…
A. love.
B. boredom.
C. extrinsic motivators such as monetary compensation.

4. If you have to ask…
A. you’ll never know.
B. you probably already know.

5. A tendency to interpret all sorts of messages as if they were meant for oneself.
A. delusion of persecution
B. delusion of grandeur
C. delusion of reference

6. ______ friend Jeremy had some really awful form of mono that was so bad he couldn’t eat anything at all, for months, so his parents went out and just bought him all this weed.

a. My
b. Our
c. Their

7. Uhhhh…
A. Why are you looking at me like that? Every time you look up at me you have this weird evil look on your face.
B. No.
C. Yes.
D. Watch out, that surface was hot.

8. The perception of a relationship where none exists.
A. illusory correlation
B. relative deprivation theory
C. hindsight bias

9. The theory that some people become depressed because they have learned that they have no control over the major events in their lives.
A. kinesthetic schizophrenia
B. feel-good, do-good phenomenon
C. learned helplessness disorder