Team-building exercises rule. Best part? My team rules the hardest. Bertrand and Gormley Windows and Glass Team 1 is a billion times more awesome than Bertrand and Gormley Windows and Glass Team 2. And everyone knows it. Especially Bertrand and Gormley Windows and Glass team 2. They know it because I scream this at them relentlessly.

It was most obvious when it was time for each team to go over the wall. It takes solid teamwork to get the whole team over the wall. And my team is the best for one obvious reason. No one needs any help getting over the wall. We can do it by ourselves. Every member of my team is so driven, so motivated, so awesome, that we didn’t need any hoisting, hand holding, boosting, or even encouraging to get over the wall. Everyone but Brian made it over no problem. Brian is weak. That’s why we kicked him off the team.

Get the team across the river on the log? No problem. Not an issue. Because our team is fast and strong and we don’t need help balancing. We don’t need to balance because our legs are young and strong and we can leap across the river without having to set foot on the wobbling log. Rebecca was the only person who had to even attempt to cross the log. She fell, which we all agreed meant she was no longer on our team. Rebecca is a coward. She should have been on Bertrand and Gormley Windows and Glass Team 2.

When it came time to sit in a circle and tell the other members of our team a time in our life when we felt scared or vulnerable, my team opened up harder than any other team has ever opened up in the history of teams opening up. We are transparent. And we are warriors. I have never feared anything. And have never felt vulnerable, and I was open and honest about that, for sure. And no one else on Bertrand and Gormley Windows and Glass Team 1 has ever felt vulnerable either. Why? Because then they wouldn’t be allowed on the team. This is what happened with Kyle, who quietly wept about his parents’ divorce. It kind of freaked all of us out.

We will return to Bertrand and Gormley Windows and Glass stronger, more agile, more capable. They have taught us that there is no I in TEAM. But we have discovered for ourselves that there is an I in WIN. Unfortunately there’s no I in WON, which we did. By a lot.