Charcoal sketch made by prisoner, featuring a naked woman reclined on a motorcycle with a huge python draped around her. (From article on prison culture in ’80s issue of Rolling Stone.)

Phrase “My denial” written in glue and sprinkled with silver glitter.

Picture of cocaine and money with American flag in background from Time magazine with the headline “How to Make Millions” from article in Harvard Business Review pasted above it.

The wrapper to a pack of Marlboro Lights cut up to spell out “bro Might.”

Newspaper headlines and ad from back of Penthouse cobbled together to read: “President Bush Sexually Aroused by Outsourcing of American Jobs.”

Morrissey looking dapper and reserved.

Snapshot of obese people eating fast food.

Charles Manson mugshot with CNN logo pasted onto forehead. Headline from gossip magazine put above it reads: “Let the Fame Games Begin!”

Picture of graying executive. Small pictures of: Ferrari, leather shoes, money, steak, watches, yacht—all pasted together to look like they’re crammed into the executive’s mouth.

File photo of bank-foreclosure signs on a whole street of new houses.

Newspaper headlines:

“Famous Star Was Worth Millions, Died Alone in Friend’s Apartment”

“Renegade Trucker Who Lived Life as Loner Is Mourned by Millions”

Nineteen-seventy-six photograph of Big-O skateboard park in Anaheim, California.

Still frame from James Dean screen test for East of Eden.

Nine dollars plus change, a piece of gum, and a receipt from a parking garage in Los Angeles, all glued to center.