429 7th Ave., Brooklyn
Sold, 10/8 – 10/14

RBS Gazette, $3.00
Tuning fork, C, $8.32
Medium tee-shirt emblazoned “Trust everyone.”, $16.00
Silicon wafer, $2.00
Falconry bell, #5, Red-tailed male, $9.89
Sullivan’s Endurance Oil, $5.75
Jonathon Lethem’s This Shape We’re In,$9.00
Pewter cedar waxwing foot, $4.00
Timothy McSweeney’s Trying, Trying, Trying, Trying, Trying, $22.00
Bonnie R. Gross’s Caring For Your Miniature Donkey, $14.42
Small rubber cubes in a jar, $2.50
Large tee-shirt emblazoned “Ask about our ‘small rubber cubes.’”, $16.00
Dental record card, $0.20
Surgical mallet, $17.60
Neal Pollack’s The Neal Pollack Anthology of American Literature, $16.00
Large tee-shirt emblazoned “I like it here.”, $16.00
Groom stickers, two, $0.10
Tiny police officer in a jar, $2.00
Pewter sora rail foot, two, $8.00
Classic girl medium tee-shirt emblazoned “Timothy McSweeney’s Cotton Undergarment”, $16.00
World history chart, $12.00
Aggressive stickers, three, $0.15
Piano key, $4.00
Medium tee-shirt emblazoned “It was broken when I got it. I want a new one.”, $16.00
Cannonball, $4.00
Amy Fusselman’s The Pharmacist’s Mate, $16.00
Timothy McSweeney’s Very Intense Heated Passionate Battle/Embrace With They Might Be Giants, $25.00
“Notes and Background and Clarifying Charts”, $1.00
Pewter downy woodpecker foot, $4.00
Page 139 from Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, or The Whale, $8.81
Lydia Davis’s Samuel Johnson is Indignant, $16.95
Pewter Carolina wren foot, $4.00
Rachel Cohen’s “A Chance Meeting”, $1.00
Natural canvas tote bag emblazoned “Shhh.”, $8.00
Brillo hotel sized soap pads, boxed, $10.00
Timothy McSweeney’s dust cover for issue five, $2.10
McSweeney’s Books Sampler #1, $8.00
Toothbrush, $0.75
Lawrence Krauser’s Lemon, $16.50
American tugboat Review 2001, $5.99
Timothy McSweeney’s Small Box Half-Full of Gems and Itching, $16.00
Komar & Melamid and Dave Soldier present The People’s Choice Music, $7.86
Pewter pelican foot, minature, two, $11.00
Various Authors’ “Shorter Stories”, $1.00
Medium tee-shirt emblazoned “WHOOP WHOOP whoop WHOOP WHOOP”, $16.00