A genital-operated door locking mechanism to prevent persons with state-mandated unauthorized genitals from accessing public restrooms. This invention consists of:

A mechanism consisting of a mechanical lock attached to a capacitive-sensor-equipped eight-inch long lubricated sleeve that can be manipulated by making thorough contact through the insertion of an erect penis. This device is intended to be installed on “men’s room” doors.


This invention falls in the fields of transphobia, discrimination, and door-fucking.


This application relates to a door lock that utilizes a combination of a mechanical key and a biometric sensor to identify an authorized user. Most traditional door locks are operated through the insertion of a key, or, with increasing frequency, some biometric sensor electronically linked to a solenoid operating the mechanical bolt mechanism.

This invention is in response to a technological need created by legislation in the states of North Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, and executive orders in the state of Texas, requiring that public restrooms only be allowed access by persons with specific, state-approved genital configurations. This invention will have the intended result of protecting children from asking questions about transgender people, although the inventor stipulates that they will likely have many, many other questions after seeing a grown man fuck a bathroom door at a highway rest area.


This invention consists of two distinct devices:

A mechanical lock actuated via an electric motor or solenoid, which is electronically linked to capacitive sensors contained in an eight-inch-long, five-inch-circumference sheath to be installed in a public restroom door. The sheath offers a geometric restriction to prevent contact with the deepest sensors via fingertips. These sensors are spaced so that it is impossible to make contact with all of the sensors simultaneously without the full insertion of an erect penis into the restroom door lock sheath. The lock can be programmed so that repeated, rhythmic contact with the sensors is required in order to disengage the locking mechanism. This would be accomplished by the human male repeatedly thrusting his erect penis into the bathroom door in order to repeatedly make contact with the required sensors in a “tap code” fashion, with the rhythm of the thrusts dictated through a flashing light on the door.


A system, comprising of: A mechanical door lock consisting of a bolt, striker plate, and cylinder. A solenoid for operating the mechanical door lock. A capacitive sensor array. A sheath device for proper mounting of the sensor array. An electronic circuit/processor, for determining that the sensor array has been properly actuated. A web camera so that video of people using the door can be streamed to YouTube.


Figure (1) shows a concept of the related devices relationship: The locking mechanism, the solenoid/motor actuator, the electronic circuits, the capacitive sensor array, and the bathroom door.

Figure (2) shows a prospective sensor array arrangement in the sheath mechanism, showing contact between an erect penis at the (a) tip of the penis, (b) frenulum, (c) four locations along the shaft, and (d) two locations on the scrotum.

Figure (3) shows Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant fucking a bathroom door in order to use a public restroom.


As designed, the locking mechanism would be installed in place of a normal bathroom door lock, with the sheath set into the door at an elevation of twenty-eight inches (28”) above the floor surface and fifteen inches (15”) from the swinging edge of the door. In order to unlock the door, a person such as North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory would, either through manual or pharmaceutical means, achieve an erection, slide their erect penis into the detection sheath, and wait for the illumination of the indicator light, installed at eye level in the door. The penis would be required to make contact with all eight sensors in the sheath simultaneously, or, in the event of a penis of insufficient girth, in sequence via repeated insertion. Upon successful completion of the act, the door locking mechanism would actuate and the governor would be allowed entry into the men’s room. Video of the act would be streamed to YouTube or another social site for upvoting by the general population.