Breakin’ 3: Poppin’ ‘N Lockin’ All in Your Face!

Breakin’ 4: Coin-Droppin’ ‘N Exploitin’ Nonprofit Status

Breakin’ 5: Structural and Foundational Building-Code Violations at Miracles

Breakin’ 6: Top-Rockin’ ’N Tax Evasion

Breakin’ 7: Gettin’ Help From the Mob

Breakin’ 8: Turbo and the Mime Piss Off the Mob

Breakin’ 9: Limbs

Breakin’ 10: Kelly Suddenly Leaves the Country to “Pursue Her Dance Career”

Breakin’ 11: Holes in the Ozone

Breakin’ 12: We Had Better Enter the Witness Protection Program, Move to Somewhere in South America, and Start a New Community Center Down There Before We All Get Killed

Breakin’ 13: Breaker’s Dozen