Hometown: Greenville
Movie Character He Most Identifies With: Alien
Favorite Line From a Movie: “Shut-up.”
Favorite Director: James Cameron
Celebrity Crush: “Your mom.”
Favorite Genre: Science-Fiction/Fantasy
Favorite Critic: “Your mom.”
Best Movie Seat: Front
Favorite Movie Watching Snack: Swedish Fish, Reese’s Pieces
Favorite Movie Watching Drink: Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew
Motto: “When I’m not watching movies, I’m… dead.”

- - -

Review of The Fourth Kind:
“HalF TruE = Half Fake but AWESOME.”

Review of She’s Out of My League:

Review of Michael Jackson’s This Is It:
“This is it is what You say after its over because it suck.”

Review of 8 Mile:
“You can’t stop him or crop him/He’s in widescreen and large/He ain’t playing when he’s baggin’ :P.”

Review of 2046:
“‘Did you get it?’ Guy 1 asked Guy 2 in the men’s room after seeing 2046. ‘Yeah…,’ said Guy 2. ‘I think so. … Maybe.’ :P”

Review of Greenberg:
“American 21st century post traumatic stress and economic desolation gets filtered through the mid-life crisis of Ben Stiller’s troubled character Roger Greenberg in Noah Baumbach’s edgy romantic comedy that puts a premium on how we treat one another. :P”

[Note: This review is similar to Cole Smithey’s review:]

Review of Armageddon:
“Not awful.”

Review of Where the Wild Things Are:
Nothing at all what you would expect from the commercial but it has a few laughs and excitments but emotionaly sad that it made my sister cry for the first time since she was 5 and shes 18 now."

Review of Land of the Lost:
“Fun and Funny and Entertaining but Slows the excitment lower and lower through out the movie.”

Review of Step Brothers:

Review of Coraline:

Review of Independence Day:
“Yay space squids.”

Review of Alien:

Review of Aliens:

Review of Happy Feet:
“Big foot.”

Review of Zombieland:

Review of Alice in Wonderland:

Review of Up:
“UP yours.”

Review of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen:

Review of District 9:
“Not the best movie of 09 but worth wathing.”

Review of Avatar:
“The greatest movie i have seen its a little lon but really worth the wait (and i would consider 3-d it makes the experience greater).”