VECNA: Would you like to join them, Max?

(Music plays as an image of Max’s friends appears in the distance as if at the top of a hill.)

VECNA: They can’t help you now, Max. There’s a reason… sorry, is that “Turn It On Again” they’re playing?

MAX: Lucas remembered!

VECNA: Huh. I figured there must be some kind of nostalgic memory attached to it like it was playing during your first kiss, but I can see your mind and… no? That’s really your favorite song?

MAX: Why? You don’t like Genesis?

VECNA: Ehhh, I mean… they’re fine. Not really my thing.

MAX: Then what’s your problem?

VECNA: If a middling band’s third-best single on what—if I’m being generous—is their fourth-best album is your favorite song of all time, I don’t think I’m the one with a problem.

MAX: You know, for a “middling band” that’s “not really your thing,” you seem to have put a lot of thought into ranking every album and every single on those albums.

VECNA: I thought some of their early stuff was pretty interesting—

MAX: “Their old stuff was better”? What a fresh take on rock music!

VECNA: Look, I cut them some slack when Gabriel left, but now that Hackett’s gone and they’re down to a trio, it’s like they’ve completely abandoned their prog-rock roots. If I wanted cute pop music I’d put on some Bangles.

MAX: Excuse me? Cute pop music? Have you even listened to the lyrics? “Turn It On Again” is about a guy so lonely and alienated in his life that his only meaningful emotional connections are with the people on the TV shows he watches.

VECNA: (sighs) Okay, fine. Music is subjective. If that’s your favorite song…

MAX: I mean, under the circumstances, I’m kind of regretting that it’s not “Supper’s Ready,” so I’d have a little more time to escape.

VECNA: Heh. With twenty-six minutes, you could saunter up that hill!

MAX: Ha!

(Max strikes Vecna, who recoils and drops her. She runs toward her friends.)

VECNA: Don’t worry, Max. I will end your torment… before they release “Invisible Touch.”