Dear Sir,

I am Mr. Prince Hamlet, rightful heir to the throne of Denmark. I have an important business proposition for you.

My trouble is hard, as you may know from the international media. My father, King Hamlet, was killed via ear poison. His brother Claudius did the ear poisoning and now he has seduced and married my mom, the Queen. I know this to be true because my father’s ghost told me. I tried to revenge my father, but Claudius prayed so I couldn’t. Later I stabbed the wrong man. Now I need your help.

I was fleeing to England with friends, but I found out my friends were to kill me. So instead, I killed them. Now I am on a pirate ship sailing back to Denmark, and I need money to pay the pirates and to get back to Elsinore.

I contact you because I have friends in majesties and other business areas that recommended you. They say you are a GOOD person who likes helping people and GETTING MONEY back from business risks. If you want to help me and MAKE MONEY, send (USD 25,000 dollars) (or whatever you can) to Elsinore, Denmark, c/o Horatio. When it comes, I’ll the pay pirates, get home, and kill Claudius. Once I reclaim my legacy, I will have access to my country’s riches and I will return to you your USD 25,000 and also give you 15% of a royal account, which is much, I ASSURE you.

There is no risk to you at all as I promise you the money in return. I ask that you get back to me soon, as my revenge business needs to be done, and also Norway is invading.

Please respond to me at my royal private mail account: Upon your response, I shall provide you with details and relevant documents that will help the transaction. Please observe utmost confidentiality so I’m not killed by pirates, and rest assured that this transaction would be most profitable for us both.

Awaiting your urgent reply, with pirates,
Prince Hamlet