You are not typically a “wallflower.” In social settings, you often make valuable contributions to discussions. Others appreciate how your inappropriate comments give them a feeling of solidarity with one another.

People who do not know you well sometimes consider you “aloof” until they realize you are simply boring.

Your conduct and achievements are instructive to others. Parents tend to point to you as an example when cautioning their children.

You move through life confidently, seldom allowing errors or slip-ups to cramp your style. But when you broke the lid of that ceramic thing at Pottery Barn last week and just walked away, the guy working there totally saw you.

You have an optimistic “glass-half-filled” outlook on life. This often causes you moments of humiliation before attractive barmaids merely seeking a good tip.

You don’t like leaving things half finished, preferring instead to see Full House episodes through to completion before taking on something else.

You prefer to handle disagreements with others by breaking down into sobs until they edge away, embarrassed that a grown male would act like that.

You tend to be drawn to women who look vaguely like Anita Halloran from junior high. Unfortunately, unlike Anita, none of them are going to go out with you as part of a dare from their friends.

Your ideal mate will be someone who appreciates your youthful salary and relaxed, easygoing approach to hygiene.

People secretly mock the pretentious way you pronounce “penchant.”

You sometimes run like a girl when you’re jogging.

You’re going to die on August 7, 2038.