Proceeds from Fear’s signature Terror® events were robust internationally in Q2, continuing a five-quarter surge. We expect additional gains against Disease in CY 2017.

Investors in Fear will be gratified to note no downtick in the profitability of our signature events. In the US market alone, operating costs of a single Terror event ran to about ten-thousand dollars and fewer than three dozen human resources. Yet with such small investment and full-saturation follow-up media campaigns, we’ve managed to generate as much as $160 billion in yearly gross revenue from government spending alone. No other industry — not tax preparation, dental medicine, or even narcotics — generates profits of comparable magnitude.

We give investors returns equivalent to the full market capitalization of a top firm like Phillip Morris, year after year.

Our closest US competitor, Disease, has recouped none of the market share it yielded after our highly successful 2001 extravaganza. This failure comes despite a portfolio of such major household brands as Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, and Pneumonia, as well as expenditures of more than 1.5 million human resources annually.

Some of our stockholders have expressed concern that such dominance leaves us no room for growth, but rest assured that the market for Fear is far from mature. Our promotional team is working hard to spread our media domination of Disease to new opportunities such as advertorials and native advertising. Moreover, we continue to expand globally, particularly through our innovative National Partner program. In the program, executive leaders of nations sign agreements to act as regional hubs for exporting Fear in exchange for endorsement among Fear’s most loyal customer base. In 2016 alone, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, and the Philippines joined Russia (our pilot partner) as local Fear hubs.

Looking forward, in the US we see demand growing among state and local partners for Fear at all levels of the US political process. And in the next few months, the new administration is expected to begin major infrastructure investment along the US-Mexico border for the exclusive use of Fear. We are also in serious negotiations with both China and Iran on cooperation at the level of Key Partners.

In conclusion, Fear is a part of the lives of people around the world. With the continued hard work of our employees and partners, we can make fear the indispensable product of our time.