“The Beatles are getting the big-screen biopic treatment in a Fab Four of movies that will give each band member their own film.” — The Boston Globe

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Following the success of Phase One, we’re beyond excited to announce Phase Two’s new slate expanding on the BCU’s characters, legacy, and stories for the next generation.

Maxwell and the Mallet of Destruction (2029)
Fed up with small-town problems, medical student Maxwell finds a mystical silver hammer whose power he must learn to wield to bang bang life upon the head.

Walrusland (2030)
When a psychedelic trip leaves John trapped as a walrus incapable of communicating, he must win Aqualand’s talent contest and confront his inability to connect to reclaim his voice.

Madame Yoko (2031)
After having premonitions of a terrorist attack at a museum premiere, Yoko must travel through her past to protect the avant-art scene from consumerist destruction.

Ringo II: New Beginnings (2032)
Following the explosive ending of Ringo, our hero must escape the Gulag to start his career over in Siberia and redeem his identity, reputation, and the girl he loves.

Paul v Paul (2033)
When the original Paul is resurrected in an experiment by Art Garfunkel, Paul sets out on a journey to destroy his past self for control of his future.

Eleanor Rigby Rises (2034)
Eleanor’s lonesome life is turned upside down when a raccoon gives her an enchanted jar of faces, allowing her to become anyone and risk losing herself in the process.

Yesteryear (2035)
Paul is struck by a bus and wakes up to discover the 2019 musical rom-com Yesterday never existed. As he remakes and passes it off as his own, questions arise on the very nature of its existence.

Walrusland 2: Tuskany Escape (2036)
John and Eggman’s Italy trip goes sideways after a run-in with the criminal underworld sends them on a wild ride they never could have expected.

Ringo III: Darkness of Feroji (2037)
A retired Ringo is pulled back into the sorceress’ dimension, where a new evil emerges. In order to escape, he must re-record the Golden Record and quell her destruction.

In Comes Taxman (2038)
George goes undercover in a discreet government operation: harvesting limbs from unsuspecting civilians. To destroy it from the inside, he’ll need to give up a part of himself.

Eleanor Rigby: Face Blind Continuum (2039)
A radioactive explosion scatters Eleanor’s identities across the universe. To put the pieces back together, she’ll have to rely on only herself and the mysterious Father McKenzie.

Beatles: The Fifth Elemental (2040)
The band teams up to search for a rumored fifth member growing in power, whose shadowy rhythms could jeopardize everything. Pete Best lives.