—Why don’t you get a sugar packet or a little piece of napkin and put it under the table so it doesn’t wobble. Because when I shoot you, you’re gonna need a nice firm surface to collapse onto.

—Do yourself a favor: Clean off the letters and papers from your desk and get it organized. Put the bills on one side and the junk-mail in the trash. I want it to look real nice and orderly when they find your body here.

—Wash your car. Wash it real good, but if I were you I wouldn’t waste your time applying a coat of wax… because by the time it dries and is ready to be buffed off of there, you’ll be dead.

—You a big tough guy? If you’re so tough why don’t you stick your head up your ass and join the army. Why don’t you spit on the ground and I’ll swim in it or whatever. Huh? [Pulls back hammer on gun.]