Rocketman is cool. Rocketman Rocks. Rocketman
is the craziest cat in the whole goddamn world.
The Toronto Transit’s Rocket is the only thing Rocketman rides.
Damn if he’ll be caught in a cab! Whenever Rocketman sits on
the subway, his eyes glance around at the other passengers. He’s hoping
that he’ll be able to help one of them should they need saving.

“I hope you’re not saving
that seat for anyone else,” a young woman says to Rocketman.
Staring into her face, Rocketman realizes he’s been hoping
to meet this woman all his life. She’s the most beautiful woman in the world.
She’d love him if she knew he was Rocketman, but he has his disguise on.
His stomach turns like on amusement park rides.

Rocketman knows he’s in love with her but he just sits and rides
the train in silence. At that moment, he’d be willing to empty his savings
to buy her the most gorgeous of diamonds. “Well, I’m getting off on
the next stop,” she tells him. For a moment Rocketman
considers asking her out on a date. “The world
can go one night without me,” he says to himself, wishfully hoping.

Rocketman works up the courage and says “I was hoping
that you’d go out with me tonight. We could ride
the rocket across town together. After all, our town is a microcosm of the world.”
“I’d love to,” she says. “But how do I know you weren’t saving
this seat for some other woman, and just settled for me?” Rocketman
has no answer, and she leaves. His lonely night carries on.

As she leaves, a strange man gets on
the subway. “Winston Williams, I was hoping
I would see you here,” he says to Rocketman.
It’s Amsterdam Abrams, the worldly newspaper tycoon who rides
the rocket every day. “Here. I was saving
this for you.” It’s a newspaper headline with the worst news in the world.

The evil genius Marzohop has taken the world
hostage! Rocketman realizes he must get on
this case right away. “The world is worth saving!”
he exclaims. Amsterdam Abrams smiles, “I was hoping
he’d say that.” Rocketman jumps off the subway and rides
off into the distance… Thus ends this segment in the tale of Rocketman.

The world still needs saving!
Will Rocketman succeed, or will this be the end of his subway rides?
All we can do is keep hoping, until the adventure carries on…