To Whom It May Concern:

The following is a treatment for a documentary about Cream bassist Jack Bruce. I intend to sculpt this documentary using a combination of interviews with friends, colleagues and archival footage of the band Cream as well as their contemporaries and other footage of London, the swinging ‘60s as well as other notable moments from Mr. Bruce’s life. Please note that much of the biographical information will be attained through interviews and cannot at this time be provided, therefore will not be contained in this treatment. We look forward to hearing from you about financing this important “document” about one of Rock’s most important personae.

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The Jack Bruce (Bassist of Cream) Story


Cream’s Jack Bruce (A Documentary About Jack Bruce, Cream’s Singer and Bassist)

Through a series of interviews with contemporaries and current bass players, establish how important Jack Bruce was to Rock bass and rock music in general.

Probable interviews: John Entwistle, Paul McCartney (other bassists from the ’60s era of rock music, also current bass players)

Written and directed by me, etc…

A famous voice (maybe boxing announcer Michael Buffer?) narrates Jack Bruce’s early life:

NARRATOR: Jack Bruce was born on [info to be provided] in the town of [info to be provided] he learned to play bass [info to be provided]…

This narrative continues on over the course of several scenes, establishing where Jack Bruce went to school, who his friends were, why he liked jazz and then rock, and how he came to be in Cream. The narration is complemented by archive footage as well as talking heads etc…

Jack Bruce himself talks about meeting their drummer and Eric Clapton and how they formed Cream. And why they did.

Also Eric Clapton and the drummer talk about forming Cream.

A famous rock critic talks about how good their first record [info to be provided] is.

More interviews with a variety people about first reactions to their albums and hit songs.

[Side-note: This documentary will not only establish a biography of Jack Bruce but also delve into the deep personal issues that caused Cream to break up and also tackle the important areas of what made the band so popular and also what drove them apart.]

Interview their managers and producers about them touring America and what kind of effect Cream and Jack Bruce had on American music and the blues.

Talk to people who actually SAW Jack Bruce play at one of their concerts in the ’60s and what an amazing experience it was for them.

At this point it’d be helpful to show album covers and live appearances from Cream in a collage with “Sunshine of Love” and other Cream songs.

Also, to be noted, a discussion with rock critics about the SONGWRITING styles of Jack Bruce! (And the bass playing techniques of course!)

Finally, the documentary (90 min) would conclude with the details [to be provided] about their breakup. Questions: What did the drummer do after breakup? And we all know what happened with Eric Clapton, but what did Jack Bruce do as well?

And then we’d end the film with a positive side of the story, which is the reunion show at Albert Hall and maybe get to interview Jack Bruce about what THAT experience was like.

To be determined. Based on editing and travel and if any of the people being interviewed needed to get paid. And my fees as writer director, etc.

As soon as possible. Would need to fly to England to do some of the interviews (don’t know where anyone lives)

Possibly premiere at Hard Rock Cafe? Rock Hall of Fame? Also, DVD release.

Please contact me immediately if this project interests you at