Margaret Cooper
5555 Mission Street,
San Francisco, CA
(914) 555-2345


Young female professional looking to be treated equally by male coworkers. Past experience is limited, but this applicant remains hopeful.


Institution of Higher Education, Bachelor of Science in Economics, Bachelor of Arts in English
August 2009 – May 2013

  • Honor Graduate in both fields
  • Appointed Secretary of Student Senate as I was the only female present at meeting and the president thought it was “fitting”

Additional Institution of Higher Education in Larger City, Supplemental Business Courses
May – August 2011 and May – August 2012

  • Enrolled in supplemental business courses focusing on business management
  • Coordinated all group projects and presentations with disproportionate number of male classmates who refused to answer the phone except to text “U up?” at 3:18 am on a Saturday morning (I was up — working on the project)

Work Experience:

Large Corporate Advertising Firm, Intern
May – August 2012

  • Held position while concurrently taking business courses at Additional Institution of Higher Education in Larger City.
  • Repetitively on receiving end of numerous The Devil Wears Prada jokes from male boss, who seems to have missed the point of the film
  • Purchased lunch and coffee for partners and upper-level associates while fellow intern named Kevin was asked if he was interested in preparing spreadsheets for third largest client
  • Assigned a project that did not include ordering food only to discover it was ordering the specific type of clicky-top pen that my employer preferred

Mid-Size CPA and Consulting Firm, Junior Financial Analyst
June 2013 – October 2015

  • Oversaw the day-to-day execution of a large-scale project with a non-diverse group of professionals that continually talked over female staff
  • Provided innovative ideas at bi-weekly staff meetings that were later credited to male co-workers
  • Received more critique for identical budget proposals than male peers, but less critique than sole black female peer because that is how intersectional systems of oppression operate
  • Grew to dislike working in such a toxic male environment after one year, but remained in position for another year as I just renewed lease and could not afford to resign without having a comparable paying job lined up

Start Up Marketing Agency, Digital Marketing Analyst
October 2015 – September 2017

  • Created ads for targeted audiences including: white women and gay white men
  • Performed account optimization for several clients
  • Pushed back when co-workers from other departments tried to explain to me the graphics I designed and produced
  • Produced marketing KPI dashboards and delivered cross channel performance reports
  • Positioned myself to force male coworkers to establish and maintain eye contact when they requested notes from department meetings every week


Dedicated. Persistent. Types 75 WPM. Angry. Team player. Proficient in three languages. Shrill.