Sunday, May 6

A NATION WAITS (CBS): In a special sweeps edition, Janet Reno announces that she knows where 500 presidential election ballots are being held by a militia of elderly Green Party members in rural Delaware.

SURVIVOR II: AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK (CBS): The Republican tribe and the Democrat tribe meet in a crucial challenge; contestants will vote on changing the rules so that the tribe losing the Presidential election gets the consolation prize of being allowed to stay in the Outback; Kitty accuses Jackson of hiding wallaby meat.

- - -

Monday, May 7

WHAT’S MY VOTE WITH PAT BUCHANAN (FOX): Buchanan presents guest Darva Conger with the most complicated ballot challenge yet in this popular Palm Beach-inspired test of hand-eye coordination and intelligence.

CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT (NBC): A student sues the government for misrepresentation after a misguided attempt to apply to the Electoral College. Macaulay Culkin guest stars.

A NATION WAITS CELEBRITY EDITION (CBS): Stars Candice Bergen, Norm Macdonald, Colin Quinn and others try to play the real McCoy in an anchor-off judged by Dan Rather and Lesley Stahl. Among the challenges: Distinguish which tally numbers are real; buzz-in competition on winner declarations; Sam Donaldson; metaphor match-up.

- - -

Tuesday, May 8

MTV’S PRESIDENTIAL DEATHMATCH (MTV): Rapper and Detroit native Eminem gives impromptu concert at the Michigan State Elections Board headquarters, where a recount has been under way for the last three weeks. Bush campaign protests, saying no hand-tally could be accurate when performed amid the strains of “The Real Slim Shady.”

WEST WING (NBC): Bill Clinton guest stars.

A NATION WAITS: PALM BEACH PARTY (CBS): Warren Christopher performs a medley with Celine Dion, Mike Wallace. (Contrary to earlier announcements, the cast of Will & Grace was encouraged by NBC to reconsider the appearance and will not appear.)

- - -

Wednesday, May 9

LEGAL CHALLENGE 2000 (FOX): Robert Shapiro, Johnnie Cochrane, Gloria Allred and Marcia Clark make opening arguments in Gore challenge of Bush’s personal hand recount in Texas. Also a look at Bush’s motion to stop Gore from buying ad time on his segments of A Nation Waits.

A NATION WAITS (CBS): Kitty from Survivor visits Gore campaign; Green Party ballot standoff in Delaware continues as Bush threatens to send in military. Gore protests Bush does not have authority to send in military; Bush ignores him.

- - -

Thursday, May 10

A NATION WAITS (CBS): Bush surprises Gore with a call for elections in Puerto Rico and Guam; Gore ponders offer from Playgirl; Laura Bush speaks.

WILL & GRACE (NBC): Bill Clinton guest stars.

WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE (ABC): Hillary Clinton makes phone-a-friend appearance.

- - -

Friday, May 11

POLITICALLY INCORRECT (ABC): Bill Clinton and Jack Valenti go head-to-head on movie violence and ratings.

CARNAHAN, THE FRIENDLY SENATE GHOST (WB): This week Mel faces the loss of his seat, literally, when the Appropriations Committee moves to mark his Senate position with a plaque because the empty chair “looks silly.” Haley Joel Osment guest stars as a boy helping to fight the discrimination.

FUZZY MATH (ABC): Gore and Bush staffers compete on budget quiz show.

- - -

Saturday, May 12


GETTING SNIPPY (UPN): Ralph Nader hosts a discussion of “election fatigue” and why viewership of A Nation Waits is declining among ages 18-34, plus why the power to book celebrity guests rests with the Democrats. Ashton Kutcher, Alyson Hannigan and Jonathan Taylor Thomas guest.