“The Ten Commandments—Loopholes And Safe Harbors: The Technicalities You’ve Never Thought Of”

“Adultery: God Says ‘Thou Shalt Not,’ and That’s Especially True for Pastors’ Wives. Did You Hear That, Vile Woman?”

“Gross Is Good: The Lord Shall Smite the Net Tithers”

“The Death Penalty—Yea or Nay? Your Guess Is As Good As Mine”

“Our God Is a Bearded God”

“Holy Crap! It’s the Holy Ghost and This Place Is Haunted!”

“Hey, What Is the Deal With Transubstantiation? I Mean, Am I Right, People? That Guy Knows What I’m Sayin’”

“How Much Good Would the Good Book Book If the Good Book Could Book Good?”

“The Book of Revelation: From Whence Came the Beginning of That Bitchin’ Johnny Cash Tune That Played Over the Opening Credits of the New Dawn of the Dead Movie”