(Because it is time, it is time to reveal the Top Two Most Censored Press Releases of 1998. Today, we reveal No. 2. Tomorrow, we will reveal No. 1. Or perhaps… perhaps we will reveal Nos. 1 and 2 today. No, no. Just No. 2 today. Then tomorrow — No. 1. Better to spread them out. Yes. So. First, No. 2, then No. 1. As it should be. But maybe… No. It is best this way. We will proceed as planned, in order, counting down. Drama. Suspense. Chills. Now, these last two releases, written by good people with hope and care and then faxed around the world, were coolly ignored by the media we trust to bring us the news. They are reprinted below unaltered and without permission. Read on, and then you decide: Is the media representing us and our interests – as we elected them to do – or… are they not?)

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Major Worldwide Mathematical Breakthrough —

Meganet Corporation Developed Fast 100% Deterministic Prime Number Testing

It is the Only Deterministic Algorithm in the World to Work in Polynomial Time.

TARZANA, Calif., Dec. 30 /PRNewswire/ — Meganet Corporation, who challenged Microsoft, Intel, Dell, AT&T, NCR and many other high tech companies with their unbreakable Virtual Matrix Encryption, have announced today the result of 13 years of Research & Development in the prime number testing area — the world’s first and only POLYNOMIAL TIME, 100% DETERMINISTIC PRIMALITY TESTING. It is NOT a probabilistic test like the other algorithms in the market, but 100% deterministic. The algorithm is in POLYNOMIAL TIME, therefore much faster than even the probabilistic algorithms. Meganet Corporation have implemented the algorithm in an ANSI C application running on a single CPU 450 MHz PC Computer. Some sample results:

1,000 bits primality test — 0.5 Sec
2,000 bits primality test — 1 Sec
3,000 bits primality test — 3 Sec
4,000 bits primality test — 8 Sec
5,000 bits primality test — 15 Sec
6,000 bits primality test — 26 Sec
7,000 bits primality test — 41 Sec
8,000 bits primality test — 1:01 Min
9,000 bits primality test — 1:27 Min
10,000 bits primality test — 1:58 Min

Those results are unheard of. The 1,000 bits test on a Sparc II workstation takes 5 Minutes and it is still only PROBABILISTIC. The gap in time is much greater for larger bit sizes.

The major breakthrough is solving a 400 year old mathematical problem — how to positively identify a prime number without spending exponential time in dividing the number by all the primes up to its root. The solution Meganet Corporation have developed is based on a newly designed Mathematical Sequence called the T-Sequence. Once a number is transformed to the T-Sequence, its quadratic residue has definitive characteristics if it’s a prime number that can be easily determined in polynomial time by performing a binary decomposition.

Meganet Corporation would like to emphasize that there is a 100% mathematical proof behind their T-Sequence, and further, it is a complete working product tested successfully on over 1.3 million numbers without a single mistake.

Meganet Corporation is seeking for companies interested in this algorithm which generates large industrial grade prime numbers at record speeds, and would be glad to demonstrate the technology to any interested party on request.

This latest development further establishes the status of Meganet Corporation as a leader in the Data Security & Encryption field. Meganet Corporation is the developer of Virtual Matrix Encryption, which is the strongest available encryption product in the market, including the PROVEN unbreakable Virtual Matrix Algorithm and a 1 MILLION BIT SYMMETRIC KEY. The retail product is sold nationwide for over 8 months now, and the ongoing $1,200,000.00 challenge to break VME is at it’s 8th month with no challenger. The challenges emphasizes Meganet Corporation’s confidence that VME is an unbreakable algorithm.

More information about Meganet Corporation and the Virtual Matrix Encryption can be found at: http://www.meganet.com.

Michael Vaknin, General Manager, Meganet Corporation, 19528 Ventura Blvd #317, Tarzana, CA 91356, 818-757-3890

SOURCE Meganet Corporation