We are excited to roll out “McSweeney’s Internet Tendency 3.0” today. It’s the first major design change to the site since 2011. Along with a spiffier look that includes modern technological advances like readability, images, and color, the Tendency now runs much smoother on a variety of platforms.

That’s right: you no longer need the aid of a magnifying lens, overhead projector, or a patient friend under 45 who can read small print aloud to you in your earhorn to enjoy our site on a mobile device. We are finally “mobile-friendly.” You can peruse our pages from the comforting screen of your favorite electronic device, be it a phone, tablet, phablet, or holodeck. OK, maybe not holodecks — so far they only exist in Star Trek — but just like Captains Kirk, Picard, and Janeway do, our web page fills us with belief in the idea that anything is possible. Make it so, Tendency 3.0. Make. It. So.

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency has also returned to its original web address of mcsweeneys.net (update your bookmarks accordingly), and is once again the digital hub for McSweeney’s — from our books, to our store, to our events. On the right column of our homepage you’ll find links to our latest books and sales. Scroll down a bit and to the left you’ll see info about upcoming readings and events. Everything McSweeney’s is in one easy to navigate online location.

So, yes, lots of changes. We understand that for some people it might take a little time to adjust, especially those readers who have been with us from the start when our web page looked like this. One thing that won’t change is our unwavering commitment to posting daily humor almost every day. We will continue to feature work by both new and established writers that aims to liven up your day, which, depending on how November 8th turns out, may need more livening up than it’s ever needed livening up before. Regardless of the outcome, we’ll be here for you. Promise. Deep breaths. It will be OK. Probably.

Special thanks to Dan McKinley for his artistic vision and seeing this project through from start to finish, and to Brian Christian for making sure the bells and whistles chime and toot correctly. Thanks as well to all our generous donors who without their support none of this would be possible.

We have more fun stuff planned for the future. You can help us go where no small independent book publishing company’s world wide web page has gone before by sharing our articles, shopping at our store, and donating here. Thank you!