“Spectacular in the sense of existing somehow. Thought-filled, word-filled, sentence-filled verse.”

The Doberman Plot strikes a match on your eyelid and, before using it to set the cuffs of your pants on fire, asks you to consider the color of the flame.”

“Sebastian Bitticks goes on record as not being a child pornographer, and, in doing so, goes on record for all of us, who are also not child pornographers.”

“Slick, rain-proof stuff. Poems to paper your house with, poems that could survive a shipwreck and a plane crash.”

“[Sebastian] stands alone among poets of our age in his enacting of interventions into the capitulations we each one posit as our response to something or other.”

The Doberman Plot belongs at the vanguard of the new aesthetic. You know, the shitty one.”