I’m seeing a coastal place, Sausalito, maybe in 1977 or 1978. Were you in Fleetwood Mac, or did you own that recording studio where they recorded their second album? No? Do you own a Mac computer? Or maybe a Fleetwood brand luxury motorhome? You probably enjoy sauces, that’s what it is, maybe.

Okay, here we go, I’m picking something up here, I’m sensing that you were a… pro motocross racer in a place called “Saddleback.” Anything? No? Okay, that’s okay. Have you ever ridden a horse using a saddle, or hurt your back, or enjoyed a company’s motto? Or maybe you worked in a professional environment at one point. It could be any of those, actually.

You’re a playwright and you’re single, is that correct? Or maybe you were lonely in a theater recently. It could even be a movie theater. No? Nothing? Okay, that’s fine, that’s all right. I might just be sensing that you were near a theater once.

Okay, here we go, now I’m getting some stronger energy that’s easier to read. You want to buy a yacht and name it “Boner Times.” Or maybe you have a boater in your family, or someone you know is acquainted with a boater? Do you get aroused near boats and water? Is any of this starting to register?

You know what, we’ll come back to the boating thing, it might just be some extra energy I’m getting from something else in your past or family. Motobone! Sorry to startle you by shouting. What’s that even mean? Does that mean anything to you? Why would I shout that? Was the drummer in Fleetwood Mac named Motobone by any chance?

Just so you know, this is more difficult than you might think.

Okay, someone is here with me, someone who loves you very dearly and has passed on, she’s no longer living, a female presence, maybe a grandmother or your mother? She wants me to tell you something. She says Nipsy Russell likes corn chowder and Taco Bell is owned by monsters. She says whores can see you through your television. No? Nothing?

Okay, you might be blocking the energy. You may not be ready to receive what I’m saying.