“Incredible. Potter continues to enchant and bedazzle. He mustn’t be allowed to continue….”

“Stratton’s prose has a natural, almost lyrical, ease. It’s like a good nap or something.”

“A critical work so far ahead of its time as to render, paradoxically, even itself obsolete.”

“I really, really, really like Devins, but his characters are increasingly flat and his ironies increasingly obvious. Please don’t tell him I said that….”

“This book possesses the lively dialogue of Janeway’s first two novels, a descriptive richness that bespeaks her commitment to finding precisely the right word, and a lot of other qualities.”


“Deftly translated and superbly annotated, Afshar’s new Qur’an is a triumph…. In every way better than the Bible.”

“Grant continues to produce poems in a dark, elegant, and highly unconventional typeface.”


“One or two of the poems in Keegan’s new collection have a tonal ambivalence that reminds me somewhat of Philip Larkin. In Larkin’s shorter lyrics, a sincere sigh might be followed by an equally sincere sneer. Larkin’s skill with such subtle modulation is unlikely to be matched by his successors. I highly recommend Larkin.”

“Definitive…. Bannister can attempt to improve on this performance, but he will undoubtedly fail.”

“Vivid…. After reading this biography, I felt I knew Samuel Beckett better than the author.”

“Bergeron is our finest living novelist.”

“Bergeron has recently been called our finest living novelist. In fact, Cartwright is our finest living novelist.”

“Donovan’s account of her quest to cross the Atlantic in a hot-air balloon is captivating. If you are planning to cross the Atlantic in a hot-air balloon, this is the book for you.”

“Highly recommended for anyone struggling with illiteracy.”