1. Marisol’s parents immigrated to the United States on a train traveling 55 mph from a country 1,808 miles south of San Diego. Nilofer’s parents immigrated to the United States on a plane moving 800 mph from a country 7,147 miles east of Boston. If Marisol and Nilofer are the only non-white women at the staff meeting, how frequently will each be called by the other’s name?

2. Company A has a budget of $300,000 to hire two consultants to do three days of work. Company B has a budget of $250,000 to hire one consultant to do four days of work. Calculate the total number of BIPOC women each company will ask to do the work for free.

3. Keisha’s office is 16′ × 10′ × 10′. Karen’s office is 12′ × 14′ × 10′. Becky’s office is 15′ × 13′ × 10′. If Keisha is Black, and her supervisor assigns her an account that Karen and Becky think they deserve, how large will Keisha’s new office need to be to fully contain her colleagues’ white tears?

4. If Nilofer’s pension grows at an interest rate of 8% compounded twice a year, and is scheduled to vest in ten years, how many more times will she have to listen to her boss tell her that he can’t be racist because he’s married to a Black woman? (Hint: the limit approaches infinity.)

5. Calculate the ratio of the number of times management includes the chief diversity officer in their press releases to the number of times they implement her diversity initiatives.

6. Last year, Keisha’s investment strategy led to a company-wide growth rate of 6.7%. This year, that rate increased to 7.2%. Calculate how long it will take Keisha to realize she’s being paid 2% less than Larry, the white guy in the mail room who lied about having a GED.

7. Marisol develops proprietary software that increases her company’s valuation by 153%. If the company’s debt to equity ratio is 0.83, how many white dudes will take credit for Marisol’s work in investor meetings that somehow didn’t make it onto her calendar? (Hint: the limit approaches infinity.)

8. Using the derivative function, calculate the optimal response to Keisha, Marisol, and Nilofer’s coworkers’ question, “Why do you always sound so angry?” Note that this question occurs at the rate of approximately 64 times per hour.