“Nihar! Long time no see. Yeah, job is OK. We don’t all get to pursue our dreams. Just messing with you, dude. Speaking of… have you seen Master of None on Netflix? Isn’t it ah-mazing? I called in sick for a day last week and binged the whole thing. I thought about you, especially the episode where Aziz Ansari learned there could only be one Indian on a TV show, not two. Hilarious! OK, not hilarious, but was refreshing to see that discussed. It felt important for where we are as a culture. I mean, I don’t think the show is a gift from the comedy Gods like Louie or anything. Louie is… wow, a masterpiece. Gotta run, good to see you.”

“Yeah man, great to see you too. Hope the job gets better!”

- - -

“Sorry, spaced out there for a sec. Quieting screaming kids is nothing short of impossible. Starting to question if I made the right choice to have a family, you know? Speaking of… have you seen Master of None? Aziz Ansari deftly navigates the complexity of major life decisions that even I as a woman in my forties grapple with. Oh, I’m not asking because you’re Indian. It just came to mind randomly as I was looking at your face. If I can be completely honest though, I had some issues with the show. It’s not like I didn’t want to like it. Just was expecting it to be punchier, like The Mindy Project. I didn’t mention that because Mindy Kaling is Indian by the way. Does that answer your question?”

“I guess. So are you parking or leaving? I’ve seriously driven around this block three times looking for a space.”

- - -

“Quick question, Nihar, is it? I know we just met but you have an Indian-sounding name and, well… have you seen Master of None? Can I just say it’s pretty much the only thing I’m watching right now. Especially the stuff about being a post-millennial actor and trying to balance acting work you’re passionate about but also pay the rent. That scene in the coffee shop when Aziz Ansari is auditioning via Skype. Fricking hysterical. Overall though, I felt that the show could’ve really pushed the envelope more comedically, like say Girls. I follow Lena Dunham on Instagram, she’s such an iconoclast on there too. What were we talking about before this?”

“I asked is it extra for whipped cream in my Peppermint Frappucino.”

- - -

“I’ve been dying to ask you… have you seen Master of None? One night I figured why not give it a try. I cried I was so happy. After all these years minorities are finally telling their stories on screen. I loved the parents episode… how the Aziz Ansari character came to see his father’s sacrifices in a new light. My one criticism was I was expecting it to be zanier. Like his character from Parks and Recreation. I feel like on this show they left a lot of jokes on the table. Oh, and I’m not just asking you about this because you’re Indian.”

“I know, Dad. So what did the cardiologist say? Stent or bypass surgery?”

- - -

“OMG have you seen Master of None? When I saw you in the bar tonight, I was all I have to find out what this guy thinks about it. No not because you’re Indian, silly. When I first heard about it I was like yes! Finally, this comedic genius gets his own show. And it turns out, ironically, it’s like not even that funny. Though I guess we should’ve seen it coming because Aziz Ansari’s book Modern Romance wasn’t that funny either. It was a lot of data science. Which is fine, I got a lot out of it. I was just expecting more Albert Brooks’ Modern Romance. Highly recommend that if you wanna see a funny take on dating and life. Wait, why are you getting dressed, I thought we were gonna have sex?”

“I should go, I have an early morning.”

- - -

“Before we say goodbye, can I tell you that I love Master of None? I know you’ve seen it, obviously. Personally, I find the nowness of the show to not be gimmicky. Aziz Ansari is staking his claim as the voice of a generation, and he’s saying this is the future of TV. Granted, is it a game changer for streaming like House of Cards was? Obviously not. It’s nowhere near as good as that show. But it’s different for what it is. Any other questions?

“Yes. Will I get a partial refund because I’m canceling my Netflix in the middle of a cycle?”