Exciting Female Friendship Thrillers

Emotional Vegan Dramas

Visually-striking Movies set in (gentrified) Brooklyn

Romantic Movies Featuring Consistently Mutual Orgasms

Movies Featuring a Strong Female (or Female Identifying) Lead (who is also Flawed, Human, and Figuring it All Out!!)

Movies Featuring a Strong Female Lead who Explicitly Identifies as a Feminist

Period Piece Dramas Featuring a Strong Female Lead Who Would Definitively Be Standing with Hillary (Were She Alive and Active During the Current Election Season)

Cerebral Contraception Dramas

Visually-striking Food Movies featuring Locally Sourced, Conventionally-Grown, Organic Produce

Binge-worthy Animal-Rights Documentaries

Vampire TV shows featuring Vampires with Real Body Shapes and Sizes Engaging in Consensual Vampire Sex

Movies Starring Matt Damon in his Uncontested Prime (1997-2002)