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And Here’s the Kicker: Mike Sacks’s Conversations With Humor Writers

The McSweeney’s Book of Politics & Musicals Week


The West Wing: Recaps from the Final Season of Democracy

826 Chicago at Pitchfork

A Financial Economist Talks About Things We Should Know

A Week With the Believer

Abandoned Joke Lists from the Bob’s Burgers Writer’s Room

Adventures With Jonathan Ames

Advertising Copy We Have Received in Our Submissions Inbox

Advice From a Person With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

American Policy Suggestions from a Chicago Sports Fan

Amongst the Liberal Elite

Any Given Wednesday Afternoon

Apocalypse of the Week

Are You Telling Me That This Sucker’s Nuclear? Adventures in Atomic Tourism

Ask a Former Professional Literary Agent

Ask the McSweeney’s Representative

Assimilate Or Go Home: Dispatches from the Stateless Wanderers

B.R. Cohen’s Annals of Science

B.R. Cohen’s Days at the Museum

Balls Out: A Column On Being Transgendered

Ben Greenman’s Fake Celebrity Musicals

Ben Greenman’s Graphs About Charts and Charts About Graphs

Ben Greenman’s Money-Making Schemes

Best Joke Ever

Bianca, the Covert Toronto Escort With a Day Job

Big Mom on Campus: Raising Two Kids in a College Dorm

Bitchslap: A Column About Women and Fighting

Brad Melekian’s Surf Report

Bream Gives Me Hiccups: Restaurant Reviews from a Privileged Nine-Year-Old

Chris White Answers Profound Questions About the Presidents

Classic Russian Writers: For teh Internets

Conversations at a Wartime Café

Daily Reason to Dispatch Bush

Dan Kennedy Solves Your Problems With Paper

Dan Liebert, Verbal Cartoonist

Daniel Radosh’s Media Moment

Dear President Bannon

Dendrophilia and Other Social Taboos

Diary of a Congressional Candidate in Florida’s Fourth Congressional District

Dispatches From the Napoleonic Wars at the Met

Dispatches From a Guy Trying Unsuccessfully to Sell a Song in Nashville

Dispatches From a Hangdog Bankrupt

Dispatches From a Humanitarian Journalist

Dispatches From a Public Librarian

Dispatches From a Real McSweeney

Dispatches From Adjunct Faculty at a Large State University

Dispatches from an Emergency Room Doctor

Dispatches From an Environmental Lawyer Who is Trying to Grow a Mustache

Dispatches From an Indian Casino

Dispatches from Civil War Reenactments

Dispatches from Iceland

Dispatches From India

Dispatches From Iraq

Dispatches From Manila

Dispatches from Montevideo

Dispatches From Moscow

Dispatches From Roy Kesey, An American Guy Married to a Peruvian Diplomat Living in China

Dispatches from the 2004 Sundance Film Festival

Dispatches From the Anacostia

Dispatches From the Capital

Dispatches from the NBA Entertainment League

Dispatches from the War on Christmas Music

Dispatches From the Wings at the Ballet

Diversity In the News

Doing Science: The Business of Figuring Things Out

Doogie Horner’s Literary Ghosts

Dream Jobs That You’re Glad You Didn’t Pursue

E-mails Sent to the University of Alabama English Department Flag-Football Team

Excerpts from the San Francisco Panorama

Expert Help for Your Fantasy Baseball Franchise

Facepalm Pilot: Where Technology Meets Stupidity

Fading the Vig: A Gambler’s Guide to Life

Family Practice: An Occasional Column by “Dr.” Amy Fusselman

Fear, Inc

Field Notes from Gentrified Places

Fitzgerald Contest Winner and Runners-Up

FLIP: A Column About Skateboarding

FreeDarko’s Executive Quarters of Organized Basketball

Gabe Hudson’s Dear Mr. President Letters

George Viebranz Has Taken to His Bed

Get to Know an Internet Commenter

Getting a Head: Touring the World as a Giant Dancing Bear

Ghost Stories With Hidden Agendas

Global War on Bedbugs: Letters From Bedbug City

God’s Little Acre of Diamonds: Observations On Travel Ball in Cobb County, Georgia

Going Where the Southern Cross the Dog: A Column About the Blues

Grant Munroe’s Corporate Folktales

Graphic Dispatches from a New New Yorker

Graphic Dispatches from a Recent College Grad Still Living in a College Town

Gyros to Heroes: A Column About Sandwiches

Hijabi in Plain Sight

History’s a Bitch: A Dog Walk Through Time

Home On the Range

How I Met McSweeney’s

How to Be a Better Teacher-Person Through Apathy

How to Find Love: Lessons from an Old Maid

Hungover Bear and Friends

I Don’t Have This Job

I Like Big Brass and I Cannot Lie: Confessions from the Tuba World

I Live Real Close to Where You Used to Live: Kids’ Letters to Michelle Obama

In Other Magazines

In These Deserts: War Stories From Afghanistan

Inside Witnesses: One Crime’s Many Narratives

Interviews with Barbers

Interviews with Drivers of Lunch Trucks

Interviews With People Who Have Interesting or Unusual Jobs

Interviews with the Authors of McSweeney’s 46: The Latin American Crime Issue

It’s All Greek to Me: A Column on Sororities in the South

John Moe’s Pop Song Correspondences

Jokes by Brian Beatty

Journal Entries from Sara Grady, Who is Studying Horseshoe Crabs on Cape Cod

Kevin Dolgin Tells You About Places You Should Go In Europe

Key Ring Chronicles

Let’s Make a Million Dollars!

Letters From an Earth Ball, To Or Concerning Sean Hannity

Letters from Elizabeth Miller’s Dad, Who Fights Fires While Flying a Helicopter

Letters From the Hellbox

Letters to McSweeney’s

Listicles for People Exactly Like You

Lists 🆕

McSweeney’s Advent Calendar

McSweeney’s Books’ Blasts From the Past

McSweeney’s Brain Exploder

McSweeney’s Halloween Tales

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency’s Most-Read Pieces of the Year

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency’s Week in Review

McSweeney’s Predicts

McSweeney’s Recommends

McSweeney’s Testimonials

Mike Fowler’s Dinner With Putin

Mike Richardson-Bryan’s Five Stages of Grief

Mostly Uninformative Infographics

My Own Private Shock Corridor

My Signed Comedy LPs: One Comedy Nerd’s Obsessive Journey

No Fear of Flying: Kamikaze Missions in Death, Sex, and Comedy

Non-Essential Mnemonics

Norse History for Bostonians

Not So Timeless After All

Notes From an Amateur Spectator at Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Fights

Notes From the Caddieshack

Notes from the McSweeney’s Representative

Oh My Gawd: A Column About a Teenager Navigating Religion

On the Trail of Mary Jane

Open Letters to People or Entities Who Are Unlikely to Respond

Philip Graham Spends a Year in Lisbon

Playing Doctor

Position Papers from the Apple Pie and Machine Guns Institute

Q&O: A Conversation with Poet-O, the Poet Laureate of Central Park

Readers’ Interesting Experiences While Buying, Reading, or Traveling with the Print Version

Rebunking Conspiracy Theories

Reintroducing Allan Seager

Reports From the Pinball Scene

Retail Therapy: Inside the Apple Store

Reviews of New Food

Reviews of Self-Help Books by Professional Athletes

Richard Parks Answers Your Bluegrass Music and Bluegrass Music-Related Questions

Sarah Walker Shows You How

Sean Michaels Listens to Music in Montreal

Sean Wilsey On the Glories of His Book Tour

Selections from Speak, Commentary

Selections From the Cosby Codex


Short Essays on Favorite Songs, Inspired by Nick Hornby’s Songbook

Short Fiction Starring or Mentioning David Gergen

Short Imagined Monologues 🆕

So You Want to Be President?

Songs of Enemies of Deserts

Speaking for All Christians Exactly Like Me

Stained Teeth: A Column About Wine

Stephen Elliott’s Poker Report

Store Items Sold


Teddy Wayne’s Unpopular Proverbs


Thanks and Have Fun Running the Country: Kids’ Letters to President Obama

The 49ers: Oral Histories of Americans Facing 50

The Angry Doodler Reviews

The Art of Hosting

The Attacks and Their Aftermath

The Chorus Boy Chronicles

The Conflicted Existence of the Female Porn Writer

The Convergences Contest

The Hidden Rich

The Long Walk: A Column About Washington

The Peculiar Arab Chronicles

The Service Industry

The Spark that Set the Arab World on Fire: Dispatches from Post-Revolutionary Tunisia

The State of Publishing

The View from Where I Standardize: Ruminations from the Test-Prep Industry

The Winner’s Circle With Eric Feezell

Thirteen Writing Prompts Contest

Tim Carvell’s History’s Notable Persons Reconsidered

Total Loss: A Column About Inventorying Other People’s Tragedies

Touch Me: A Column About Massage

Tractors Drive Themselves: One Man’s Return to the Farm

Traig & McGrath, Shut-In Detectives

Trampoline Hall Tour Diary

Transcripts of Callers Reporting Litter or Major Debris in a Major Western-Hemisphere Municipality

Traveling Europe in Style With Auckland Dingiroo, Dark-Age Tourist and Critic of Food and Drink

Travels With My Antecessors: Michelle Orange Goes in Search of Her Name

Twenty-Minute Stories

Unused Audio Commentary By Howard Zinn And Noam Chomsky, Recorded For The Return Of the King (Platinum Series Extended Edition) DVD

Voices from the Government Shutdown

Warnings Affixed to Laboratory Doors at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Weekly NFL Picks

Wholphin Previews

Women Who Should Be Pretty Pissed Off

Your Money… Your Job… Your Life, With Alison Rosen

Your Prescribing Doctor: Dispatches from the Psycho-pharmaceutical Complex