Going Where the Southern Cross the Dog: A Column About the Blues

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Jason Edward Harrington always had the blues in his blood, though mostly made manifest in somber displays of his ABCs, as opposed to lyrical arrangements of A-A-B. Three years ago, however, he began to fully explore his bluesy heritage as the son of Chicago bluesman Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater. He shares the fruits of that musical journey, along with other things pertaining to the blue note, here.

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From Cow Cow Davenport to Stovepipe No. 1: On the Improbable Colorfulness of the Blues Moniker (8/13/2013)

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Impressions of Chicago, 1950 (3/21/2013)

Black Orphans and Laugh Tracks, Part II (3/11/2013)

Black Orphans and Laugh Tracks, Part I (2/12/2013)

You’re No Huey Lewis, Daddy: A Very Brief History of the Blues as Popular Music (2/7/2013)

Ode to Leroy Brown (1/24/2013)

Pledge of Allegiance Got Me Worried (12/21/2012)

Nighttime Blues, Nuclear Display (11/20/2012)

Like Cusack Crying In the Rain (10/12/2012)

I Could Not Imagine Those Blues (9/24/2012)

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