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How I Met McSweeney’s

This December marks the 15th anniversary of the McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern. To honor this venerable occasion, we are publishing The Best of McSweeney’s, a collection of some of the finest writing we’ve printed since our inception in 1998. As we were reaching out to old pals about putting together this anthology, we realized it would be wise to collect some of their memories of McSweeney’s, before we all become senile and old. A few of them said they were already senile, but many of them agreed to write something up. So, up until the publication date of The Best of McSweeney’s, we are going to feature some of these reflections and remembrances for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for reading! Click here to ensure another year of McSweeney’s Quarterlies in your reading pile.

For the “Power of Print” trailer featuring The Best of McSweeney’s, click here.