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The Return of
Dud Durden.


We are pleased to announce that The Case of the Sexy Ladies: A Dud Durden Mystery by Jack Pendarvis is now available as a beautifully designed, easily downloadable electronic book.

When we last left Dud Durden, in McSweeney’s Quarterly Issue 20, his spirit had just flown out of his body due to his apparent death. Dud and his employer, the young millionaire and would-be detective Lombard “Three” Cuff III, had been tailing a suspicious French ornithologist through the back roads of Alabama, on a tip from a high-ranking official of the Catholic Church. During the course of their mission, Dud and Three got lost in the woods, where they were bitten by a poisonous snake and died. OR DID THEY? Find out now, only here, in the story that Pendarvis’s editor left out of Pendarvis’s next book because he deemed it “too silly”: THE CASE OF THE SEXY LADIES: A DUD DURDEN MYSTERY!